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RINGSFIELD & WESTON are neighbouring villages just south and west of Beccles which have a joint Parish Council. 

The population is small and the houses are scattered over a wide area.  However, the majority of the houses are to be found around the crossroads known as Ringsfield Corner.  Here can be found the village green and the Ringsfield Village sign.

Each village is a separate community and has its own church.   All Saints at Ringsfield is half a mile south of the cross roads in the original village of Ringsfield, and St Peter's in Weston is one mile east of the crossroads. 


The Weston Village sign is to be seen on the A145 near the turning to the church. 

Ringsfield has a primary school with a nursery unit.  There is also a pub 'The Horseshoes'.

Ringsfield & Weston Recreation Grounds and Village Hall Charity exists to provide facilities for local people.  The Village Hall is the basis for many village activities.  The car park holds recycling banks.  On the adjacent site are a children's play area, tennis courts and sports fields.  The Charity is managed by a Community Council.

Shops, doctors and other schools are a short distance away in Beccles which can be reached easily.  There is a limited bus service.  The East Suffolk railway line runs through the parishes but the nearest stations are Beccles and Brampton.

The villages are outside the development area so are unlikely to grow in size.  Farming is the main occupation but there are industrial opportunities close by.



 If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, please contact the Clerk JEAN BROWN on 01502 675739  EMAIL:




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